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Turn your device into a Bell of Mindfulness.

With the MindfulClock you turn your device into a Bell of Mindfulness. During the day, it will periodically invite the bell and gives you the opportunity to pause, and enjoy the present moment in mindfulness.

Operating System

The MindfulClock is programmed in Python with the GUI toolkit wxPython. It runs on all platforms which support Python and wxPython, but it has been especially designed for Ubuntu.


MindfulClock Screenshot


MindfulClock can either be installed using a debian package, or using the python sourcecode distribution method. On a Debian or Ubuntu based system, we recommend to install the debian package.

Package installation

Sourcecode Installation


MindfulClock offers several options. You can define the time interval, a text message that supports your practise and a bell sound. You can also disable either the text or the sound notification by clearing the relevant input box. All changes will be applied on the next startup of the clock (or by pressing the stop button and the start button again).

The application brings an indicator applet which you will find in the upper right corner of your Ubuntu Unity desktop. If you are not using Unity, you can also start the application with the --start-tna parameter, which will make use of the traditional systray, instead.

From the indicator icon, you can start, stop or pause the clock and open the main application window.

MindfulClock can by configured to automatically start the clock on application startup and to start directly to the indicator applet.

The main window can always be minimized to the applet by pressing the minimize button. Using the exit button will close the application.


Depending of the way you have installed MindfulClock, you either have to remove the Debian package or the Sourcecode distribution.

Remove the Debian package

In order to remove the package from your system, please make use of the package manager. On a Ubuntu System this might be the Software Center or the Synaptics package manager.

Remove the settings

If the settings are to be removed: Delete the hidden file <.mfc1> in the home directory.

Remove the Sourcecode Distribution

On a Ubuntu system delete follow directory and files with adminstrator rights:

directory: </usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mfc1>
file: </usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mfc1-1.0.egg-info>
file: </usr/local/bin/mfc1dist>


To reset all setting please delete the hidden configuration file <.mfc1> in the home directory.


Concept and Design

Marcus Möller <marcus.moeller[æŧ]>

Program Code

Andreas Ulrich

Web Design

Marcus Moeller


Marcus Möller, Carlos Gonçalves and The Tango Project (button icons)


The WakeUp community

26.12.2013 / Andreas Ulrich, Marcus Möller